Produce of unconventional road equipments that provide:

- Increased volume transported
- Increased productivity
- Increased aggregate Technology

We make the equipments of the future!

  • With the highest capacity of Maxiloader Trailer, we can point 26,000 liters of diesel that cease to be burned annually, creating an environmental saving of 69,000 kg of CO² / year

    Eduardo Avileis, Transcordeiro Ltda - Business Manager

  • In comparison, two semi-trailers Maxiloader carry the same charge of three conventional semi-trailers. With this, there is less cost in operation with diesel, tolls, reducing the fleet of trucks and active mainly less CO2 in the atmosphere

    Marcelino Alexandre, Grupo Coringa - Director

  • That's the difference for us. Carry a larger amount of palletized loads in a single trip

    Marcelino Alexandre, Grupo Coringa - Director

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